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Build or Install an In Ground Swimming Pool. He is reliable, responsible and does his own work. Excellent Quality and very professional.
Cyri B.

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We’ll work with your schedule and space to create the ideal space for you and your family.
You pick the design, let us know what timetable works best for you, and we’ll do the rest.
Tiki Pools is here for you.

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Get your pool repaired or updated, replace your existing liner, opt for stunning tiles and landscaping around your pool, and more. It’s our mission at Tiki Pools to keep you cool and stress-free. Click the button below to get started.

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Let our dedicated team help you find the pool of your dreams and turn your space into your dream oasis.

Choose from a wide variety of designs from our award-winning team. Get the perfect shape, color scheme, and beautiful tiling and greenery to complete your space and make it a gorgeous escape. No pool should be boring – make yours fabulous with Tiki Pools.

Give your pool a glow up

Breathe new life into your pool with a custom renovation from Tiki Pools.

We can replace your liner, add stunning tiles, and the perfect plants and landscaping. Let us help you love your pool again – click the button below to see how we make old pools look new again. Contact us to learn how we can do the same for you and your space.

Meet The Tiki Pool Team

Our designers, builders, and customer service reps work day and night to keep you cool. We have a long history of quality work in the city, several design awards, and a long list of satisfied customers thanks to our passion for pools. Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns – we’re here for you.

Your Complete Satisfaction is our number one goal. We take pride in providing the best customer service in the Pool Industry.

My city code inspector called me personally to tell me what a splendid job they did, and I was very pleased with their work as well. Whenever I had questions or concerns they got back to me quickly. I'm looking forward to quoting other projects with them in the near future!
Laurilee S.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every space is unique and has different requirements. That’s why our pool designers and experts work with you to get the perfect shape, size, and landscaping for your pool. It’s okay if you aren’t sure what you want – we’ll find the best pool for you.
At Tiki Pools we pride ourselves on getting pools done in a short period of time. We make sure to plan each detail and communicate with you along the way so there are no surprises and we get your pool installed and ready to use quickly while keeping it beautiful.

Yes, a pool adds to the value of your home! The average homeowner who installs a pool sees a 7 percent increase in their property value. What’s more, you also get the immeasurable value of a place to gather your friends and family together and enjoy your time together. There’s no better way to get your money’s worth than to create an unforgettable experience.

Get your pool shell repaired or replaced, buy a new skimmer, light conduit, jet, or drain, or update your pool’s plumbing. You can also get some beautiful new tiling or incredible landscaping to refresh your space and make it feel new again. Let us know what you need and our team will make it happen.

You can renovate or repair any time, just plan accordingly as you won’t be able to swim while our team works on your pool.

It’s difficult to say without a proper quote. Please contact us today so we can give you a detailed estimate of the time and cost for your pool needs.

Yes. We have a one-year builder’s warranty on construction workmanship items. All of our equipment comes with a factory warranty.

We serve all of Northern Georgia and South-Eastern Tennessee.